Mint Masala Lassi

pudhina masala laassi 2

Beat the heat with this yoghurt and mint cooler.

I have used dried and crushed mint leaves but you may muddle a few fresh mint sprigs. If you like the flavour of ginger, muddle a bit of it along with mint leaves.

The rest of the masalas can be of your choice – salt, black salt, cumin powder, chaat masala or even a pinch of paprika.

I like to keep the consistency of the lassi water thin. It feels cooling to drink in the hot weather. But you may make it like a thick shake as well.

Mint leaves


1. Yoghurt – ½ cup

2. Chilled water – 1 glass

3. Black salt – a pinch

4. Salt to taste

5. Cumin powder (Jeera powder) – ½ tsp

6. Mint leaves, dried – 1 tsp / few sprigs of fresh mint leaves

7. Coriander sprigs to garnish


pudhina masala lassi 3



1. Beat the yoghurt with a little water to make it smooth.

2. Add all the masalas and beat well.

3. Mix in the chilled water. Give it a good stir.

4. Garnish and serve.

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