Aam Panna

aam panna 2

Summer brings with it delicious summer fruits like lychees, melons and the king of fruits – mango! The variety of fruits available makes me want to dabble with lots of new recipes.

I have been super lucky to be living in western part of India – first in Pune and now Mumbai – for the past 8 years. This side sees a boom of alphonso mangoes that makes a humble presence in the north. Of course north has its own variety of mangoes not so popular here like the daheri safeda and langda. But the king of mangoes – alphonso is a class apart. Besides these there are other varieties like totapuri and badam popular here.

Aam panna is a refreshing summer drink made with raw mango – known as kairi. Raw mangoes are easily available all around the country.

Raw mangoes are best found during the mango season and are used to make achchaar, chutneys, drinks, vegetables and many other dishes.



1. Raw mango (kairi) – 2

2. Jaggery (Gur) – 1 cup (adjust as per taste)

3. Cumin powder (Jeera powder) – 1 tsp

4. Black salt (Kala namak) – ½ tsp

5. Dried mint leaves (Pudhina)– 1 tsp

6. Lemon wedges – a few

Aam panna 1


1. Pressure cook the mangoes for 2-3 whistles until soft and cooked. Then remove peel and collect all the cooked pulp.

2. Mix the pulp with ½ cup water and jaggery and heat until the jaggery is melted. Boil for 2-3 minutes. Adjust jaggery according to how sweet you want it.

3. Add the black salt (kala namak) and cumin powder (jeera powder) and mix well.

4. Cool the thick pulp and then store it in a container.

5. For preparing the drink, muddle a few lemon wedges along with mind leaves. Add 2 tbsp of the aam panna concentrate. Fill with chilled water mix well.

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