Potato 65

Hyderabadi style potato balls


1. Potatoes – 4-5, par-boiled

2. Yoghurt (Dahi) – 1 cup

3. Corn flour – 4 tsp

4. Whole Red Chillies – 2-3, roughly brocken

5. Curry leaves – 10-12

6. Dry Coconut powder – 2 tbsp

7. Cumin seeds (Jeera) – 1 tsp

8. Mustard seeds (Rai) – 1 tsp

9. Ginger – 1 inch piece, finely chopped

10. Red Chilli powder – 1/2 tsp

11. Turmeric powder (Haldi) – ¼ th tsp

12. Coriander Leaves – ½ cup

13. Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp

14. Salt to taste

15. Oil – 2 tsp for shallow fry and 2 cups for deep-frying





1. Peel and grate the par-boiled potatoes.

2. Add to the grated potatoes – ½ of red chilli powder, salt, ½ of coriander leaves, turmeric powder (haldi), lemon juice and 2 tsp corn flour. Mix the ingredients well and make small balls of it.

3. Meanwhile, heat 2 cups oil for deep-frying the potato balls.

4. Fry the balls until golden brown from all sides. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on absorbent paper.

5. In a bowl, mix yoghurt with the remaining red chilli powder and salt. Mix the remaining 2 tsp corn flour with 2 tbsp water and add to the yoghurt. Beat the yoghurt well.

6. Heat 2 tsp oil in a non-stick pan.

7. Add the cumin seeds (jeera), mustard seeds (rai), curry leaves, ginger and whole red chillies to the hot oil and allow them to splutter.

8. Add the yoghurt paste and fry stirring continuously for 1 -2 minutes.

9. Add the fried potatoes to the pan. Coat the potatoes with the thick yoghurt mixture.

10. Garnish with the remaining coriander leaves and dried coconut powder.


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