Chocolate Marshmallow Cubes


Chocolate + marshmallows = Delicious!

Chocolate + marshmallows + peanut butter = Divine!

Chocolate + marshmallows + peanut butter + Almond flour = Healthy & Divine!

A super easy recipe, these chocolate cubes are simply irresistible. My little one loves to eat these and I often carry it as a snack in my bag.

I have added ground almonds – or rather sneaked in. It does not add a distinct almond flavour but makes it healthier! A good way to feed almonds to young ones!



1. Chocolate – 1 cup

2. Almonds – 3 tbsp, ground to a fine paste

3. Butter – 1/4th cup

4. Peanut butter – ½ cup

5. Mini marshmallows – 1 cup



1. In a double boiler, heat the chocolate, butter and peanut butter.

2. Allow the mixture to cool.

3. Meanwhile, line a pan with parchment paper. You can even use silicon chocolate mould trays.

4. Once the chocolate mixture is cool, mix in the almond powder and marshmallows.

5. Pour in the pan and chill for 5 hours.

6. Once set, lift out the parchment paper from the pan and cut the chocolate into cubes.


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