Banana and finger millet flakes Parfait

parfait final 2

Need a quick and healthy snack? Especially when your energy is dipping low?

This super quick one is a sure energy booster. With all the ingredients passing the ‘good for health’ check mark this recipe will become your go-to snack – anytime!

Just looking at the list of delicious ingredients, you know for sure this medley is a hit!

I am using finger millet flakes – banana flavoured – but you can use plain ones or just about any flakes or any granola.

Serves 2


parfait ingredients

1. Yoghurt – 1 cup

2. Honey – 2 tsp

3. Banana – 2 ripe

4. Finger millet flakes –  1 cup

5. Raisins – 1/2 cup




Whisk the yoghurt well to remove all lumps. It should be smooth and creamy. 

Add the honey to the beaten yoghurt. Mix well to incorporate the honey well into the yoghurt.

yoghurt honey


Peel and chop the banana into roundels.



Now take a bowl and start arranging – first a layer of banana. Pour the honey yoghurt on top of the banana layer. Now add a good layer of ragi flakes. Top it with remaining banana pieces and then garnish with raisins.

layering parfait

parfait final 3

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