Carrot and Apple juice

carrot apple juice 1

This juice is made with special carrots grown in Mahabaleshwar. Carrots from cool Mahabaleshwar and apples from the colder himalayas make this a special north-west juice to be enjoyed in the winter months of January and February – though it is not so wintery in the west.

These beautiful orange colour carrots with lovely green stalks are full of nutrients and have a sweet taste. The sweetness of the carrots makes them ideal for juicing, salads and sweet soups.

The city of Mahabaleshwar is also famous for big juicy strawberries and sweet mulberries. All are winter treats available in the month of January and February.

If you do not have these special Mahabaleshwar carrots, you can replace them with the regular red ones that are also available in winters.


1. Carrots – 4-5

2. Apples – 2

3. Lemon juice – 1 tsp

4. Mint leaves – to garnish


1. Wash and peel the carrots. Wash the apples and remove the peel. Chop the apple into pieces removing all the seeds.

2. Place the carrots and apple pieces in a juicer to extract its juice.

3. Add lemon juice and mix well.

4. Pour in a glass and garnish with mint leaves.

carrot and apple juice 2

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