Chilli Cottage Cheese Balls

cccb final 1

These cheesy balls can be made in the air-fryer also, which is a much healthier option than deep frying. I have included steps for cooking in both – air-fryer and deep frying. 


1. Cottage cheese – 1 cup, grated 

2. Cheese – 1/2 cup, grated

3. Coriander Leaves – 2 tbsp, finely chopped

4. Bread Slices – 2, sides chopped

5. Rice Powder – 1 tbsp

6. Chilli powder – 1 tsp

7. Chaat Masala Powder – 1 tsp 

8. Salt – 1 tsp or to taste 

9. Oil – 1 tbsp for air frying, 1 cup for deep frying


Serve with tomato ketchup. 

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