Fish Curry in Creamy Fennel Sauce

In this curry I am using fennel seeds (Sauf) to give the main flavour to the whole dish. No other tempering is needed. Fennel lends a very soothing flavour to the curry and is distinct enough to instantly recognise the taste of it. 

The curry is rich with butter and cream. In this recipe I have used sea bass boneless cubes, but you can use any kind of fish (even with bones). Add in lots of fresh green chillies, finely chopped. For this recipe, I have used less green chilli as my little one does not like it too spicy. But the whole combination of green chilli spiciness, sweet fennel and rich creamy curry comes together really well. 

I had this curry with some yoghurt rice tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves a pinch of asafoetida. 

You can have this with plain rice or chapati also. 

For a vegetarian version, you can replace the fish with button mushrooms. 


Serves 2

1. Fish (Sea bass used) – 300 gms, 8-9 cubes 

2. Onion – 2 medium, pureed 

3. Ginger – 1 inch, grated 

4. Garlic Cloves – 2-3, crushed well

5. Green chillies – 2-3, finely chopped

6. Butter – 30 gms

7. Oil – 1 tsp

8. Cream – 1 cup 

9. Coriander Leaves – for garnishing


1. Fennel seeds (Sauf) – 1 tsp 

2..Bay leaf (Tej Patta) – 1 


1. Coriander powder (Dhania powder) – 1 tsp 

2. Turmeric powder (Haldi)- a pinch for marinating fish + a pinch for the curry

3. . Salt – 1 tsp or to taste for the curry + a pinch for marinating fish



Wash the fish pieces well. Place in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric powder and salt. Coat each piece and keep it aside to marinate for sometime till you prepare the curry. 


For the curry, heat the butter and oil in a saucepan, allowing the butter to melt completely. 


Add fennel seeds and bay leaf. 


Add the pureed onion paste and mix well. Cook the onion paste on medium heat until it turns light golden brown. Stir the paste often. 


Add in the ginger paste, garlic paste and finely chopped green chillies. Mix well. 


Now add the masala – coriander powder and salt to taste. Mix well and fry for a minute on low heat. 


Add 1 cup of water. Stir to mix everything. 


Once the water comes to boil, gently place the marinated fish cubes in the saucepan. 


Cover and cook for 8-10 minutes, until the fish is cooked through. 


Gently stir in the cream and cook for another 1-2 minutes. 


Garnish with fresh finely chopped coriander leaves. 

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