Hi! I am Tavisha. I live in the beautiful city of Mumbai. I am a content writer, author of children’s books and cookery books.



My love for cooking came from watching my grand mom cook amazing Indian dishes. She cooked with love and served with even more love. Everything she made tasted divine. Among the first few things I learned from her were gujjiyas, laddos and matri. I also picked up a lot of techniques for everyday dishes. From then on grew my passion for cooking.


I love experimenting with different spices and flavours. Sometimes, I think of some random ingredients and create a dish out of it. One of the main ingredient that I always use is LOVE!


I have authored 3 books on Indian cooking. Indian breakfast and Indian dinner are full of quick recipes for busy people. The 8 Masala Cookbook makes fantastic dishes using simple 8 Indian masalas.

Indian DInner_COVER


Indian Breakfast-COVER.png

Picture 4



I have a 3-year-old toddler who keeps challenging my creativity to sneak in the veggies into delicious treats for him. Well, my husband too falls in this category, as he is strictly a chicken lover. And as a mom and a wife, I must feed them the greens and veggies!



I love reading cookbooks. I love reading recipes on the web. I love watching cooking shows and I love talking recipes and food to everyone! I even turned my book club into more of a food club!


Come along with me on my culinary journey. I will share with you everyday recipes that you can cook for yourself and your loved ones. All you have to do is make it with lots and lots of love!

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